The Power of a Slow Morning

Why I love drinking coffee and reading books in bed


7/5/20231 min read


This morning I decided to stay in bed.

It was grey outside, with rain threatening. Puppy wanted to sleep, so I made a coffee, grabbed an extra blanket and picked up my book.
I had about 100 pages left of my novel, and decided to just relax and enjoy it and my coffee.

It didn’t take long to finish, so I started reading ‘Tribes’ by Seth Goden. Its something that Ive heard a fair few business owners talk about - most recently a photographer I admire brought it up in a podcast interview. She talked about how after reading the book, she looked at how to bring tribes into her business and how to connect on a deeper level with her clients.

I decided to have a read, see what it was all about; And so far I’m loving how it’s making me think.
Im considering how I can find, and build tribes in both my personal life and my business. What that would look like, and how to interact with them. Im considering what I would call my tribes (because it it really something without a name?)
Im also thinking about other tribes Ive been a part of in the past, and what I loved about them.
Why I left them, what I miss about them.

That feeling of belonging, or being a part of that secret society.
It inspired me to get out of bed, get ready for the day and write this post. It put something on paper. To make some sort of start.
And of course a chance for another coffee.

Chat soon -
Catherine x

(PS - if you've read Tribes, and have thoughts I'd love to hear what you think!)